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Couples - £30
Single guys - £30
Single ladies - £20
TVs/T-Girls/Sexy Alternatives - £30
We accept payment by credit/debit card, or in cash. Members can pre-pay online. Transaction charges will apply.
Pay by Mastercard or Visa
Membership cards for AbFabParties, Kestrel Hydro, Thursday Thrust and the old Heathrow Dungeon Zone are all valid for entry.
Not a member yet?
If you are not already a member of AbFabParties or Kestrel Hydro, please bring TWO items of ID: something photographic, e.g. driving licence or passport, plus proof of your current home address, e.g. a recent bank/credit card statement, utility bill, etc.
Membership registration is done on arrival.
A membership fee of £10 per person applies to non-members.